About Us

  Producers and business owners are generally very good at what they do, but sometimes need a hand in physically documenting their ideas, plans, feasibilities, and direction in order to present to a bank/investor/stakeholder of how and why they will succeed — this is our specialty!

  We do work outside these areas, however if we believe we cannot add significant value to you, we will be upfront and help you find someone who can!

  Working intricately with many businesses from a very broad range of industries over an extended period, allows K-KINGDOM to utilise the best facets of very successful operators to build on strengths, identify weaknesses and form a strong, robust business that is both efficient to manage and profitable, while minimising risk to take businesses to the next level with professional but practical advice.

  Working across Australia in many industries (both commercial and agricultural), provides a perspective that cannot be achieved from operating a single or small number of businesses.

  This gives K-KINGDOM an advantage by staying at the ‘cutting edge’ of contemporary business and helping clients achieve their full potential in the least amount of time.

  Corporate governance advice generally involves independent chairman-type services to bring objectivity, fairness and fresh ideas to operations. This promotes good group decision making and ensures operational longevity/sustainability when multiple ownership is involved.

  At K-KINGDOM, we pride ourselves on providing professional but practical advice for businesses to complement existing skills and experience. Interacting with both superb and poor operators, we understand what makes enterprises succeed (and fail). Our business model is to structure services as ‘on-call’ or ‘part-time’ at very affordable rates to promote client growth.

  Client confidentiality is extremely important to K-KINGDOM, as Intellectual Property is often undervalued by businesses.

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